Global Pandemic Network

Is a community of scholars from universities around the world. It intends to promote debates, comparisons, research and webinars in relation to the legal, economic and social aspects associated with pandemics and linked not only to the emergency but also to the precautionary and recovery phases, through an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. The focus obviously starts with the Covid-19


Our goal is to promote a global community

To integrate the national observatories of the countries.

To illustrate the interventions adopted at the supranational level: the European Union and international organizations.

To develop comparisons between national interventions and identify best practices.

To promote academic debate on the main institutional, legal and economic issues linked to Covid 19.

To promote partnership for  research projects.

To provide knowledge on best practices and to strengthen the institutional capability to manage Covid 19

The International Pandemic Observatory provides:

Academic articles
University of Macerata
University of Roehampton - London
Human rights consortium
Asia-Pacific Center for environmental law
Washington college of law
Amity university - Dubai
Uhasselt - Knowledge in action
Ku Leuven
Stellenbosch university - South Africa)
Columbia law school - Sabin center for climate change law
University of Strathclyde Center for environmental law and governance (Glasgow)
Kleinman Center for Energy Policy
Vermont law school
Universidad del Rosario Facultad de Jurisprudencia
Pace University Elisabeth Haub School of Law
Urban Law Center Fordham Law
Kyoto university GSGES
Glendon college - York university
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brazil
Environmental Law Institute
Resilience Law Center - Puerto Rico Law School
Lewis & Clark Law School
Universitat de Barcelona - Facultat de dret
Universitas Opoliensis
Universidad de Chile - Facultad de derecho - centro de derecho ambiental
Study of Human RIghts and the Environment
New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law
Mepielan center
Queen Mary University of London
RIEL - Research Institute of Environmental Law
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Georgia State University - College of law
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