Environmental Health and COVID-19: the vision of the HERA consortium on research needs

We would like to invite you to a HERA webinar “Environmental Health and COVID-19: the vision of the HERA consortium on research needs” on 15th June at 15:00 – 16:00 CEST.

The HERA consortium issued a response on the research needs around the interlinkages of the COVID-19 pandemic with Environment Climate and Health.

The webinar will present the research goals identified in the HERA response and offer participants an opportunity to ask questions in a moderated roundtable with researchers from across the EU. .  

  • Research goal 1: Environmental drivers of SARS-cov2 emergence and spread
  • Research goal 2: Health impact of COVID-19 and environmental stressors
  • Research goal 3: Integrated socio-economic, political and health implications of COVID-19 and intervention strategies

This webinar is aimed at public health organisations, experts, researchers and any interested stakeholders who wish to learn about our results and share ideas.  

Please feel free to forward the invitation to your colleagues.


You will receive all details for the webinar (link, final agenda) by 12th June.

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